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Join Us!

Why should you consider Mountain Living?

Whether you’re a seasoned agent or someone who’s considering a career in Real Estate, here are four reasons to consider joining the Mountain Living Real Estate Team :

1. Proven Brand.

      Our brand speaks directly to what the consumer is looking to achieve; not just buying a home but living a lifestyle.

2. Agent Tools & Support.

      Our agents are provided with the technology and day to day office support you need to do what you do best: developing lasting relationships with clients. From marketing and advertising to transaction coordination, our agents have the tools available to grow their business efficiently and effectively. 

3. The Broker / Owner does not sell and compete with you.

Does your Broker or Owner compete with you?   The philosophy of our Broker/Owner is to work side by side with all agents, helping you build your business and the brokerage together. With well over 35 years of successful business background, the Broker /Owner at Mountain Living  will work with any agent to develop an Individualized business plan tailored to your needs. Follow up mentoring is available to agents who want to take advantage of a proven approach to business and achieve greater success through proven, repeatable business practices.

4. Culture and Office Environment.

At Mountain Living, we strive to ensure our agents have everything they need for success… the right office staff, the best tools, the most collaborative and supportive environment and the focus on having fun while building a successful real estate practice. Our job is to support your success so you can provide the best service and value to your clients. Read on for our mission, vision, beliefs and values.

Our Mission

            Mountain Living exists to provide a professional environment that supports our Agents to be as successful as they want to be.  Everybody Wins.

Our Vision

We will be the most productive team of real estate professionals in the markets we serve. We will achieve this by recruiting, developing and retaining full time real estate entrepreneurs, who consistently provide best of class service and value to their clients.

                                                                                  Our Beliefs

We believe that a thriving real estate business requires dedication and consistent use of education, processes and systems. Our only limit is time and time is our most valuable asset.  At  Mountain Living, our Agents are in business for themselves but not by themselves.

Our Values

We value  Honesty, Integrity, Positive Attitudes, Enthusiasm and Collaboration among all of our team with Dedication and Consistency in serving Clients. We are committed to agents who are committed to personal growth and building a successful business.



Join Us!

We’re looking to expand our team with full-time, success-oriented agents. If you are a self-motivated person who desires to be as successful as you can be in your business, let’s talk!

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